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Children's Church Bulletins for Special Occasions

Finding bulletins for special events has never been easier!

Full color illustration of the women running to greet Jesus outside the empty tomb. One of the joys of our faith is the regular occurrence of special occasions we celebrate throughout the year. From Easter-associated events to Mother’s Day and Father's Day and through to Thanksgiving and Christmas, each year is packed with special days that give us the opportunity to teach kids about the Bible. Members of our team of children's educators have been Sunday school teachers for many years. They know the struggle to find appropriate Easter activity sheets for children that include appropriate coloring pages, math games, word games, puzzles and printable worksheets that coordinate with these special days.

We love that Children’s Worship Bulletins provides downloadable and printable quality materials without spending hours searching the internet. With our library of bulletins and Bible story guides, we make it simple and easy to find relevant Bible-based activities for your kids' Sunday school or worship service. With our 30 years of experience creating engaging printable materials, you can trust Children’s Worship Bulletins to help you build the faith and knowledge of the youth in your congregation.

Why use Children’s Worship Bulletins for your children's ministry?

Illustration showing examples of children's bulletins and activity sheets against a dark, starry night background. We make it easy to teach kids about many of our favorite special events and occasions. Each bulletin has been professionally designed, vetted by pastors from nearly all Christian denominations, and (most importantly!) tested by kids from nursery age to young adult. Older kids as well as preschoolers really do love our Easter printable sheets. You can find any worksheet in two age groups, 3-6 and 7-12 to suit a wide range of Bible study topics. We have an intuitive search interface on our website that allows you to find bulletins by topic, Scripture, and lectionary. Our website includes the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL), the RCL with Lutheran variations, and the Lectionary for Mass. Our bulletins are produced in both color and black-and-white and are available in PDF format to make it easy to print as many copies as you need for your children's church, Bible study or Sunday school class. Your membership to Children’s Worship Bulletins includes unlimited access to our entire library so you can download and print as many as you need for your class, no matter how many students you have.

In total, our library features over 1,500 children’s bulletins plus over 600 Bible Story Guides, and Bible Activity Sheets. Each bulletin is comprised of four panels that feature games and puzzles that help reinforce the lesson. Each bulletin includes a combination of games, puzzles, word searches, dot-to-dots, secret codes and mazes that are fun, and more importantly, help kids learn valuable biblical concepts.

We are confident that Children’s Worship Bulletins will make a meaningful addition to your mission to teach the kids of your congregation about God's love and God's Word. If you're curious about our bulletins, use the button below to sign up today. If you're not completely satisfied with our bulletins, we stand by our product with a no-questions-asked guarantee of a full refund.

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Find Children’s Church Bulletins for Holidays and Special Occasions

When we say the library of Children’s Worship Bulletins is extensive, what we mean is that we have a bulletin that covers every major church holiday, special event or occasion. Some of our most popular event-based printable bulletins are for Easter and Christmas, as well as the always-popular Mother's Day and Father's Day events. To get a feel for just how many holidays and special occasions our materials cover, check out the links below for a deep dive into each specific event.

Illustration showing various Easter season children's bulletins against a Easter background

Bulletins for the Easter Season

Each year Easter Sunday reminds us of God's grace and love for us as the joyful shouts of “He is Risen!” fill the sanctuary on a happy Easter morning. This time of family and fellowship is a great opportunity to teach kids about the joyous events of the resurrection through engaging, yet simple means such as an Easter activity sheet that provides an Easter craft, Easter memory game or Easter coloring page. We have a wonderful printable Easter collection of Sunday school Easter activities that includes events like the Passover and Pentecost, as well as All Saints Day, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and Maundy Thursday. We are really proud of our library of printable Easter worksheets and Easter bulletins, and we are grateful we can help you create fun, special events for your kids during this important season.

How to Create Hands-on Activities for Easter with Children’s Worship Bulletins

Since Easter is our most popular special event, we’re sharing an Easter printable idea to show how easy it is to expand an Easter game or Easter craft from Children’s Worship Bulletins to create a hands-on activity that any child from preschoolers to older children will love. We have included ideas for both age groups, and we provide lessons for each. In this article we'll show you how to use ingredients from your kitchen pantry to reinforce lessons from our children's church bulletins about Easter for kids ages 3-12.

Children's church bulletin about Easter for ages 3-6: Easter Morning

An illustration showing the elements of the Easter morning activity

Activity Preparation:

  • Print a bulletin coloring sheet for each child.
  • Gather enough crayons or colored pencils, a pair of scissors and glue sticks for everyone.
  • Have glitter, ground cinnamon, mint, dill (or other aromatic herbs or spices) and adhesive tape available.
  • Cut an 18" length of string or yarn for each child.

Activity Directions:

  1. Give each child a bulletin and crayons or colored pencils.
  2. Explain the activity, “Today, we're going to hear about Easter morning. While I read our Bible story, solve and color your puzzle 'Easter Morning.'”
  3. Read aloud Mark 16:1-8 while the children work on their puzzles.
  4. Continue, “What does our lesson say that the women brought with them to Jesus' tomb?” (Answer: They brought spices to anoint Jesus' body.) “To help us remember that Jesus rose from the dead on Easter morning, we're going to decorate our Easter sunshine using some herbs and spices that the women might have taken with them that morning. You'll be able to wear your Easter sunshine necklace home. Every time you wear your necklace or smell one of the spices that we've used, you'll remember that Jesus rose from the dead for us on Easter.”
  5. Show the children how to put a little glue onto the back of each Easter sunshine shape and sprinkle glitter and one ground spice onto each. Have the children cut out each decorated sunshine.
  6. Help the children tape each of their Easter sunshine onto a length of string. Tie the string ends together with a knot so that the children can wear their finished craft home as a necklace.

These activities make a great conversation starter with the members of your Sunday school class, the rest of the congregation and the children’s families.

Children's church bulletin about Easter for ages 7-12: The Resurrection

An illustration showing the elements of the Resurrection activity for children.

Activity Preparation:

  • Print a bulletin for each child.
  • Gather enough pencils for everyone.
  • Place small amounts of dill, cinnamon, mint, cumin, frankincense or other aromatic herbs, spices or essential oils individually into small containers.
  • On a whiteboard with dry-erase markers or a blackboard with chalk, write the names of the aromatic herbs, spices or oils you've gathered for the activity.
  • Spend a few minutes researching the Jewish burial rites of the first century to engage the class in a conversation about the use of aromatic herbs and spices in those practices.

Activity Directions:

  1. Give everyone a bulletin and a pencil.
  2. Explain the activity, “Today, we're going to hear about Easter morning. While I read our Bible story, solve and color your puzzle ‘The Resurrection.’”
  3. Continue, “What does our lesson say that the women brought with them to Jesus’ tomb?” (Answer: They brought spices to anoint Jesus’ body.)
  4. Engage the children in a conversation about first-century Jewish burial rites. Help them understand why aromatic herbs and spices were used on the body of the deceased.
  5. Continue, “To help us remember that Jesus rose from the dead for us on Easter, we’re going to see if we can identify some of the aromatic herbs, spices and essential oils that Mary Magdalene, Mary and Salome would have taken with them to Jesus’ tomb.”
  6. Give the children the containers you've prepared. Have each child smell the contents. If possible, allow each child to rub a small pinch of each herb or spice between his or her fingers to smell.
  7. One by one, point to the names of the herb, spice or oil that you've written on the board, and ask the children to identify each container. Allow them to correctly identify each container by the process of elimination, if necessary.
  8. Conclude, “The sense of smell is very powerful. When you smell these herbs, spices or oils again, remember our lesson today. Allow your memory of the smell of each of these aromatics to remind you that Jesus rose from the dead for us.” It's a great idea to end your class with a prayer that reinforces these concepts.

Illustration showing various Christmas season children's bulletins against a Christmas background

Bulletins for the Christmas Season

Besides Easter, we have printable bulletins for Advent, as well as children's church bulletins about Christmas and Christmas Eve. Adding to the festive time of year are our printable bulletins for Christmas Sunday school activities, and last, but not least we have bulletins for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Our seasonal bulletins are a great way to add some fun to your end-of-year Sunday school classes.

Put our bulletins to the test today and simplify your children's ministry!

Children’s Worship Bulletins is a great foundation for building a fun and dynamic Sunday school or children’s church program. With our extensive library of educational resources and materials, you are sure to find a relevant and fun activity sheet for every class from preschoolers to older kids including printable Easter coloring pages. And don't worry, we don't just have bulletins for special days. In fact, we have bulletins for every book in the Bible. Our bulletins cover subjects from Abraham and Sarah to worship and festivals, and hundreds of topics in between. Everything is easily searchable, cross-referenced, and printable so you can find the right activity to fit your weekly lesson. If you're not completely satisfied with our bulletins, we'll cheerfully issue a prompt and full refund — no questions asked.

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