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Sunday School Activities about Samuel

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The designers of Children's Worship Bulletins have worked hard to bring you educationally sound, biblically based and classroom tested bulletins to use in your Sunday school classes. Whether you need material for ages 3-6 or ages 7-12, we've got you covered. You'll find bulletins focused on special holidays, popular Bible stories, Scripture passages or bulletins based on the current lectionary reading.

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Use our bulletins to create engaging Sunday school activities

Children's Worship Bulletins have been designed to make Sunday school planning easy. Each bulletin is packed with fun and educational games, word searches and other puzzles. With a little imagination and creativity, you can use the puzzles on each bulletin to create an activity your children are sure to love.

In this short article, we've provided two example Sunday school activities about Samuel created from our bulletins. Try them in your class this week!

Sunday school activity about Samuel for ages 3-6: God spoke to Samuel and Eli told Samuel to answer God

Activity Preparation:

  • Print a bulletin for each child
  • Gather crayons and pencils

Activity Directions:

  1. Give a bulletin, a pencil and some crayons to each child.
  2. Explain the activity, "We're going to learn the story about the time that God spoke to young Samuel. Please complete the puzzles 'God spoke to Samuel' and 'Eli told Samuel to answer God.'"
  3. Read aloud 1 Samuel 3:1-20 while the children work.
  4. Allow the children time to complete the puzzles. When they have finished, continue, "Now, carefully write the answer of the second puzzle (Eli told Samuel to answer God) onto the first (God spoke to Samuel), as if Samuel is speaking these words. When you have finished, you may color the picture."
  5. Allow the children time to complete the picture. Ask for a volunteer to show his or her finished picture.
Sunday school activity about Samuel for ages 3-6

Sunday school activity about Samuel for ages 7-12: Samuel was ministering before the Lord

Activity Preparation:

  • Print a bulletin for each child
  • Gather crayons and pencils
  • For each child, prepare an 8-½" x 11" sheet of paper by marking out a dotted grid of four-by-four blocks in the center of the page. The resulting square grid should be the same dimensions and look like the puzzle without the picture.

Activity Directions:

  1. Give each child a bulletin, a pencil, a prepared sheet of paper and some crayons.
  2. Explain the activity, "Instead of finishing the drawing of Samuel ministering to the Lord, we're going to draw the entire picture onto the sheet of paper I've prepared for you. First, pull out the sheet of paper with the blank grid. Now begin to draw the picture block by block. Save the empty blocks until the end. Once you are finished re-creating the drawing go back to the empty squares and use your imagination to complete the drawing. When you're finished, you can color in your drawing."
  3. While the children are working, read aloud 1 Samuel 2:18-26 to the class.
  4. When the children are finished, ask for a volunteer to share their drawing.
Sunday school activity about Samuel for ages 7-12

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