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Sunday School Activities about Leah & Rachel

Are you ready to take your Sunday school activities to the next level?

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Don't let boring, unimaginative or generic children's bulletins take the fun out of your Sunday school plans. Children's Worship Bulletins include Bible-based activities, quizzes, word searches, dot-to-dots, seek-and-finds and so many more activities that children love.

In this short article, we show you how to create engaging, kid-friendly and fun Sunday school activities about Leah & Rachel using our bulletins. Try them to see how easy it is to take your Sunday school bulletins to the next level!

Sunday school activity about Leah & Rachel for ages 3-6: Jacob loved Laban's younger daughter, Rachel

Sunday school activity about Leah & Rachel for ages 3-6Activity Preparation:
  • Print a bulletin for each child
  • Gather a pencil for each child
  • Have small prizes for the winning team
  • Gather some tape or sticky-tack
  • Make two sets of enlarged copies of the items to be found in the puzzle onto brightly colored paper, and cut out each object
  • Hide the objects around the classroom by using tape or sticky-tack to attach them to the bottoms of chairs, on the baseboard, on a floor tile, in the corner of a window or other such places
Activity Directions:
  1. Read Genesis 29:15-28 aloud to the class.
  2. Ask the children what tools Jacob may have needed to work for Laban, prompting, if necessary, to get the children to list a pitchfork, shepherd's hook, pair of gloves, hammer and ladder.
  3. Divide the class into two teams.
  4. Explain the activity, "You've listed quite a few tools that Jacob would need to work for Laban. I've hidden five of these tools around the classroom. When I yell, 'GO!' work together as a team to find all five of them. When you find one of the tools, pull it from its hiding place. The team who finds all five tools first wins!"
  5. Yell, "GO!" and allow the children to find the hidden tools.
  6. Award prizes to the team that finds all five tools first.

Sunday school activity about Leah & Rachel for ages 7-12: Jacob was working for Laban

Sunday school activity about Leah & Rachel for ages 7-12Activity Preparation:
  • Print a bulletin for each child
  • Gather crayons or colored pencils
  • Gather a pair of scissors for each child
  • Gather a small envelope for each child
Activity Directions:
  1. Give each child a bulletin, some crayons or colored pencils, a pair of scissors and an envelope.
  2. Explain the activity, "Today, we're going to solve one puzzle and make another! While I read our Bible story, please solve the puzzle 'Jacob was working for Laban' by completing the right sides of the drawings of Leah and Rachel. Then, color the picture of each woman."
  3. Allow the children to solve the puzzle and color the pictures while you read Genesis 29:15-28 aloud to the class.
  4. After you have finished the story, and the children have solved and colored their pictures, explain, "Now, carefully cut out the squares along the dotted lines to make 48 puzzle pieces. Put all of your puzzle pieces in your envelope. When you have finished, we'll exchange puzzles. Then, see if you can solve your classmate's puzzle!"
  5. Allow the children to cut their pictures into squares and to put their pieces into envelopes.
  6. Help the children exchange their puzzles with a classmate.
  7. Allow the children to solve their classmates' puzzles.

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