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Sunday School Activities About Joseph

Children's Worship Bulletins are educationally and theologically sound

We know how important it is to teach foundational principles and meaningful lessons from the Bible to your Sunday school children. That's why we've carefully designed Children's Worship Bulletins by using proven educational methods.

Christian educators and pastors of all denominations have endorsed the content of our bulletins. Because our bulletins teach basic Scripture knowledge, not doctrine, they're perfect for all Christian churches.

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Children's Worship Bulletins make it easy to plan Sunday school activities

Having a foundation of biblically based Sunday school materials makes it easy to create wonderful Sunday school activities that your entire class will enjoy. In this brief article, we'll show you two examples of Sunday school activities you can use with our bulletins about Joseph. Try these in your next class!

Sunday school activity about Joseph for ages 3-6: Joseph's brothers sold him to some merchants.

Activity preparation:

  • Print a bulletin for each child
  • Gather enough pencils for each child
  • Have the story (Genesis 37:1-28) marked in the Bible to read to the class

Activity directions:

  1. Give each child a bulletin and a pencil.
  2. Instruct the children to complete the puzzle, "Joseph's brothers sold him to some merchants."
  3. Have the children add the answers from each of the three panels in the puzzle (5 + 6 + 9 = 20) or count the total amount of money shown in the puzzle (20).
  4. Explain to the children, "Now that we've finished the puzzle, let's hear the story about Joseph. Raise your hand when you hear for how many shekels Joseph's brothers sold him."
  5. Read aloud Genesis 37:1-28.
  6. Ask the children, "For how many shekels did Joseph's brothers sell him, according to the story? Does your answer to the puzzle match the story?"
Sunday school activity about Joseph for ages 3-6

Sunday school activity about Joseph for ages 7-12: Joseph said, "I am your brother ... "

Activity preparation:

  • Print a bulletin for each child
  • Gather pencils and blank paper, one for each team
  • Have a Bible or printed copy of Genesis 45:1-15 for each team
  • Have a white board and dry erase marker or a blackboard and chalk
  • Have small prizes for the winners

Activity directions:

  1. Divide the children into teams of two or three students each. Give each child a bulletin and each team a pencil and a sheet of paper.
  2. Instruct the children to work together as a team to complete the puzzle, "Joseph said, 'I am your brother ... '"
  3. Explain the activity, "Now that you've solved the puzzle by using the code numbers from the keypad shown in the puzzle, we're going to make our own team puzzles with another verse from our story.
    1. "Open your Bibles or look at the handout of Genesis 45:1-15. Choose a verse that you'd like to memorize. For example, I'll choose part of verse 15: 'And he kissed all his brothers and wept over them.'
    2. "On your sheet of paper, draw a blank line for each letter of each word of your verse. Be sure to leave space between the words. For my example, my blank lines would look like this (draw on the white/blackboard): Sunday school activity ages 7-12
    3. "Next, add at least one letter clue to each word.
    4. "Then, choose a code number from the keypad shown in the puzzle for each letter in your verse and write it under the blank line. In my example, it would now look like this (add the letters and numbers to your illustration on the white/blackboard):
      Sunday school activity
    5. "When your team has completed their puzzle, turn it in."
  4. After each team has turned in their puzzle, explain that the other teams will now solve one another's puzzles.
  5. Distribute the puzzles so that each team has another team's puzzle.
  6. Allow the children to solve the other team's puzzle. The first to finish the puzzle correctly is the winner.
  7. Give each member of the winning team small prizes.
Sunday school activity about Joseph for ages 7-12

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