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These are anxious times, but we who follow Jesus are assured He is with us always. Thank you for wanting to continue to share that Good News with the children and families you serve. It is perhaps more important now than ever.

To assist you, we have put together a packet of free resources -- puzzles, Bible activities, worship bulletins on carefully selected topics and scripture texts -- that you may share with members of your church or ministry community. We pray these will strengthen the families, and especially the young disciples, with whom you work. 

Keep scrolling and you'll find fun ideas for activities to share uplifting thoughts with your neighbors!

May you also be strengthened as you serve in Christ's name!
The Children's Worship Bulletins Team

Click on the links below to download activity pages for your children
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Scripture Placemats for children and adults. Each PDF download includes multiple pages of coloring fun and inspiration.

Scripture Placemats Coloring Pages for Kids (English)

Scripture Placemats Coloring Pages for Adults (English)

Scripture Placemats Coloring Pages for Kids (Español)

Scripture Placemats Coloring Pages for Adults (Español)

These activity pages for older and younger children include a story guide you can read together.

Do Not Worry Lesson and Activity Sheets

Faith in the Son of God Lesson and Activity Sheets

Fruit of the Spirit Lesson and Activity Sheets

Children's Bulletins have 4 puzzles in each centered around a story of the bible. Its fun to work the puzzles and learn what the bible says at the same time.

Jesus Keeps You Strong Bulletins

God Cares for Us Bulletins

Rejoice in the Lord Always Bulletins

God Our Dwelling Place Bulletins

Want more? Here are a few more of our favorite activity pages.

Additional Kids Bible Puzzles

This packet includes bulletins for Easter celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. This file includes 5 bulletins for older and 5 for younger ages. Each is offered in BW and Color. This is a ZIP file and will begin to download when you click on the link.

Easter Children's Worship Bulletins Packet

Here's an Easter-themed activity you can do with your family (in person or virtually!). Download and print our free Bible Bingo Cards. Included are 4 standard bingo cards and one picture-based card.

Bible Bingo: Easter Edition


Share these freely! Read more here about Usage and Printing Guidelines

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Fun activities for your children to do at home

Sidewalk Scripture

Write uplifting scriptures on your sidewalk or the end of your driveway. Or anywhere you think neighbors might see them and smile. A few we liked, but there are so many more!

1 John 4:19 - We love because he first loved us.
Psalm 56:3 - When I am afraid I put my trust in you.
Philippians 4:13 - I can do all this through him who gives me strength.
James 1:17 - Every good and perfect gift is from above.

Bible Verses Journal

One of our team member's came up with this for her daughter, and we thought it was a wonderful idea. The idea is for each day, have your child pick a favorite Bible verse and write it down. Then if they are old enough, encourage them to explain why it's their favorite. Then on the next page, have them cut out pictures from old magazines or draw a picture that goes along with the verse.

Here she has picked, "God said, let the water [teem] with living creatures…" Genesis 1:20

Rainbow Windows

This idea has been circulating Facebook a good bit but we thought it was so good we wanted to share it with you. The message of salvation in the rainbow to share with everyone to see! #aworldofhearts

Cut out some hearts of colors of the rainbow and tape them to your window. You can used colored paper or color the hearts yourself. Its fun to add scenes for Easter or words like "Faith, Hope and Love". Include a sun or come up with your own fun ideas!

Find more like this on our Facebook page! We'll continue to add more ideas.

Bridge the Gap

Bridge the gap between the youth and senior adults in your church. Now that schools and other activities are shuttered, there's no better time than now to challenge your youth with a mission. Pair a young person in your church with a senior adult member. Ask your youth to call them and learn more about their life and work. Help your youth create questions to ask during these calls. Then have your young people to type up a report of what they have learned through these conversations. Taking the time to learn more about our older generations can yield multiple benefits not only for the young, but for your senior adults members as well, who are especially vulnerable during this time.

Children's Worship Bulletins games are great for at home learning

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