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Children's Church Ideas

Looking for ways to enrich your children's worship experience? Children love to be included and worship, but on their own level. Children LOVE church when they are having fun! You can add to the fun with our Children's Church ideas.

children's church bulletin

Give a boost to your Children's Church program.

Introduce new and exciting material with games and puzzles for an engaging learning experience with Children's Worship Bulletins. Kids will learn as they play Bible while stories come to life with our endless activities.

These bulletins help children know that your church cares about them, giving children a sense of belonging in the worship experience. When children are given a bulletin of their own each week, they know worship is for them, too.

These reproducible worksheets are a good way to retell a story. They are more than just coloring pages. There are creative Bible activities, games, and puzzles that will make learning fun. Drive home your message with hands-on materials.

children's church ideas for all ages

We've been educating children for over 25 years.

  • Children's Worship Bulletins are guaranteed to have educationally sound lessons because they are created by experienced Bible educators. The church activities for children are designed to keep kids entertained with basic Bible lessons in Scripture.
  • Theologically, Children's Worship Bulletins are biblically-based and educationally sound. The teaching is clear, simple and faithful to the Scriptures.
children's church ideas

Get age appropriate material.

There are two age groups of Children's Worship Bulletins to ensure no bulletin is too hard, or too easy for the children in your church. One is for ages 3-6, and the other for ages 7-12. Both versions are filled with age appropriate pictures, word games, codes, mazes, puzzles, seek-and-finds, dot-to-dots, hidden pictures and more.

Shorten your preparation time.

Teaching Children's Church can be fun, meaningful, and easy with these lessons. Our Bulletins provide the perfect lesson enhancements for teachers. Save preparation time during the week by taking advantage of our ready-to-use activity sheets.

  • Simply search online by Scripture reference and print the copies needed or print a master and photocopy the rest. These children's Bible lessons are designed for easy duplication in color or black and white on both sides of standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper, giving 4 full panels of activities for children each week. This eye-catching handout is ready in only a few minutes!
  • Each quarter all new material is added to the Old Testament, Gospels and Epistles bulletins, including answer keys and color. You can download and print the entire quarter in advance and/or choose which are delivered to you each week by a weekly email using one of our plans. And as always, you have unlimited downloads of all of the bulletins online.

Never run out of material with thousands of additional online bulletins.

Your membership includes access to thousands of additional Old Testament, Gospel and Epistle bulletins. They are all indexed and easy to locate with the "Scripture Search" feature. There are also Children's worksheets for special days and holidays in our library. You'll find the perfect bulletin any time, every time, even for special occasions or last-minute events. We continually update with new lessons and include more Scripture stories.

Special Risk-Free offer.

Either age version of Children's Worship Bulletins is only $4.99 per month. Or, you can receive BOTH age versions for only $7.49 per month when you choose electronic delivery. Your second age version is half price!

You have absolutely no risk. Simply complete the electronic form and hit "submit" or call 1 800 992-2144.

children's church ideas

Our Guarantee.

Either age version of Children's Worship Bulletins is only $12.95 per quarter. Or, you can receive BOTH age groups for only $19.42 per quarter for your entire first year of your subscription. Your second age version is half price!

You have absolutely no risk. Simply complete the electronic form and hit "submit" or call 1 800 992-2144.

Children's Worship Bulletins is a continuous subscription. We will automatically continue sending you the bulletins well in advance until you cancel. Of course, you can cancel at any time for any reason.

Children's Worship Bulletin
children's church activities

"Our children were ecstatic about the bulletins on Sunday. They felt so important to receive their very own bulletins."
- Jo Ann
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