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How to Use Children's Worship Bulletins for Bible Study Activities for Kids

Bible study activities for kids are prepared for you.

Children's Worship Bulletins has what you need for your children's Bible studies. We have a large selection of biblically-based activities that have been reviewed by an educational specialist to ensure that they are educationally sound.

Our activities are available at two levels: for ages 3-6 and ages 7-12. Based on familiar Bible passages, our activities come from the Old Testament, the New Testament, all four gospels, and the Epistles. Our fun activities are filled with pictures, puzzles, codes, mazes, word pictures, and more to keep children engaged and excited about learning Scripture.

Here's just two examples of how you can take one of our Children's Worship Bulletins and turn it into a fun and engaging way for your kids to learn together!

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LOVE YOUR ENEMIES Bible Study Activity Matthew 5:38-48 for ages 7-12.


  1. Print the Children's Worship Bulletin with the activity and answer key you want.
  2. Assemble these materials:
    • Pencils for everyone
    • Activity sheet for each child
    • Small prizes in a shoe box

Activity directions:

  1. Divide the class into teams of 2-3.
  2. Give the directions to the class: "Add the numbers from the intersecting row and column to find the letters to fill in the blanks."
  3. Explain the object of the game. "The goal is to be first team finished."
  4. Yell, "GO!" and wait for someone to finish.
  5. The winners choose a small prize from a prize box.
  6. Then read Matthew 5:38-48 together to reinforce the lesson.
Love your enemies Bible study activities for kids

HOW WE SHOULD LIVE Bible Study Activity Matthew 5:38-48 for ages 7-12.

Teacher preparation:

  1. Find the bulletin with the game you want and print it with the answer key.
  2. Gather these materials:
    • Pencils
    • A bulletin for everyone
    • Pencils or candy for prizes

Directions for the activity:

  1. Let each child choose a partner.
  2. Cross out all the "X's", "V's", "Q's", "Z's" and "J's" from the passage. Then write the remaining letters in order on the lines below.
  3. Set a maximum time limit, and say "GO!"
  4. The winner is the first team finished.
  5. Read the answer together as a whole group.
  6. Reward the top two teams with a small prizes.
How to live Bible study activities for kids

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