Children's Worship Bulletins

Online games keep the learning going all week long.

Children's Worship Bulletins@Home is an interactive site FREE with your electronic membership that allows kids to enter a secret code to play games that correspond with the current week's bulletin. We rotate through four fun games - Memory Match, Word Search, Gems of the Bible and Coloring Book so each week there is something new to play. Whether you receive bulletins for ages 3-6, 7-12 or both age groups, we've geared the games toward all age levels so everyone can join in the fun.


How It Works.


Once the game feature is turned on, a new secret code will print on the bottom of each weekly bulletin. Games will rotate between Word Searches, Gems of the Bible, Memory Match Games and Coloring Pages.

All parents need to do is go to, help kids enter their secret code, and they're in. There they'll find games that correspond with their bulletin, reinforcing the message they learned earlier in the week.

Because the games build on previous skill levels, your children will be drawn to play time and time again to continue achieving more challenging levels and beat their old time.

FREE with your electronic membership.

Children's Worship Bulletins@Home won't cost you or your members a dime more - it's included absolutely FREE with your electronic membership of Children's Worship Bulletins. That's right, there's no fine print it's something we're proud to offer you as PART of your online membership without raising the price.

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