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Online access
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of bulletins.

bulletins now
available in
color and
black and white.

Biblically based.

Educationally sound.

Kids learn from Scripture in a
visual language
they understand.

Lets children feel more involved in worship.

Provides constructive activities.

4 full panels of activities each week.

Lets parents fully participate in weekly worship.

Reproducible Children Church Activities!

A quiet and fun way to involve
kids in worship and teach
them the Bible.


When children are given a bulletin of their own each week, they know that worship is for them, too. But you don't have to hand them a generic bulletin when, in just seconds, you can customize it with your church identity, and any other message you'd like. Then simply print as many copies as you need — in color or black and white.

Membership in our electronic Children's Worship Bulletin service provides you the ultimate in convenience. Each Monday we'll email your bulletin for the week, based on the Scripture schedule you choose to follow. Just print the number of copies you need and you're all set.

These bulletins help children know that your church cares about them, giving children a sense of belonging in the worship experience. When children are given a bulletin of their own each week, they know worship is for them too.

Children Bulletins span the majority of the Bible!
Children can learn important truths for today from the many relevant messages written in letters to the early churches.

We continue to add new bulletins from the Old and New Testament that bring Bible stories to life in a fun, new way. Bulletins that cover Special Days are also available to bring even more choices. New bulletins come with answer keys and many in color for that special occasion or important event.

Theologically, our Children's Worship Bulletins are biblically based and educationally sound. Every issue is reviewed by an educational specialist and tested by children before being shipped to you. The messages are basic, positive and acceptable to Christian churches of all persuasions. The teaching is clear, simple and faithful to the Scriptures.

Two age groups available
Children's Worship Bulletins come in two groups: for ages 3-6 and ages 7-12. Both groups are filled with pictures, codes, puzzles, seek-and-finds, mazes, dot-to-dots, hidden pictures, word games and more.

You don't have to order them in multiples of 25. You receive the bulletin masters and a release of copyright, so you can make unlimited copies for use in your own church.

They're rooted in Scripture

Children's Worship Bulletins are based on familiar Bible passages. Over a three-year period, the significant texts and themes from all four gospels, the Old Testament and the Epistles are covered.

They're simple to use
Children's Worship Bulletins
are designed for easy duplication on both sides of standard 8-1/2" x 11" paper, giving you 4 full panels of activities for children each week.

With a simple mouse click you can download as many as you need from the website. Or if you prefer we will send you each week's bulletin choices electronically by email. The email will include links to choose bulletins from: the Old Testament, the Gospels and the Epistles. Many of the selections have a color option.

When you sign up for electronic delivery you'll receive one email each week with the various choices for the week linked to it. The bulletins are in high quality Acrobat PDF format designed for printing on inkjet and laser printers. You can print out the exact number you need or print just one master and photocopy the rest.

If you like to have printed paper copies to work from, we'll send you a packet of printed masters. These are available only in the Gospels edition.

Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed
You're always protected by the full-refund guarantee that has given us a proud reputation: If you're ever less than fully satisfied, simply let us know, and we will issue a full, prompt and courteous refund - no questions asked.

Children's Worship Bulletins is a continuous subscription. We will automatically continue sending you the bulletins well in advance until you cancel. Naturally, you can cancel at any time for any reason.

Special Risk-Free offer

Either age group of Children's Worship Bulletins is only $12.95 per quarter. Or, you can receive BOTH age groups for only $19.42 per quarter for your entire first year of your subscription - your second age group is half price!

You have absolutely no risk. Simply complete the electronic form and hit “submit” or call
1 800 992-2144.

ORDER TODAY so the children of your church may benefit from Children's Worship Bulletins as soon as possible.

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